The Map Out

     One of the most harrowing challenges of modern American life is navigating through the massive desert of our mindless, materialistic consumerism. It is within this landscape that a soul can become lost and drenched in despair. From the endless stream of vacant eyed wraiths that glide down catwalks, to the pervasive advertising that never … More The Map Out

Genocide in Full View

“One of the world’s most persecuted minorities,” as the UN puts it, is being systematically murdered by a state that has been lauded for its acceptance of Western economic models, and for opening up to foreign investors. The country is Myanmar and the people being systematically murdered and ethnically cleansed are the Rohingya. For many … More Genocide in Full View

Where True Hope Lies

     One of the most persistent myths of the American empire has been, and continues to be, exceptionalism.  It is a belief rooted in white supremacy that allowed the European colonizers (mostly British) to ethnically cleanse much of the continent’s indigenous population; and to justify building its infrastructure and economies from the forced labor of … More Where True Hope Lies

Why Facts Matter

One of the most vile and surreptitious tactics being used by certain organizations and individuals on the far right of late has been to vilify the LGBTQ community by marrying the duel evils of Holocaust denial and blatant falsehoods. Conservative evangelical preacher Scott Lively, a pseudo-historian, and the notorious hate group the American Family Association … More Why Facts Matter