1 thought on “A diorama of pre-Columbian life in Florida, Museum of Florida History, Tallahassee FL.

  1. Valentina López Urrego

    Pre-Columbian People
    We have more than twelve different pre-Columbian cultures in America, each with different contributions to today’s culture, most important are Azteca, Muiscas, Mayas and Incas. For example, for pre-Columbian society had healthier eating habits based on the aliments that themselves could cultivate. Men were in charge on taking care of their crops and building their homes. For other hand, women had the role to take care of the children or to knit coats and to gather food.
    Moreover, something really important was that they were more careful with nature than people today because their gods came from there, such as; the stars and the sun. For it, I think that pre-Columbian people were more connected to the earth than we are and they had a quieter life than we live now.



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