The Illusion of American Democracy

hillary-clinton-for-warI have always been fascinated by the capacity of people to block out facts that either trouble them or do not align with their preconceived beliefs about the world. This is most evident when it comes to religion and politics. And we can see it clearly in the dog and pony show that is the 2016 American Presidential campaign.  Trump supporters lovingly embrace a disconnect from reality partly due to entrenched racism and xenophobia, but mostly because of a deep sense of disenfranchisement and humiliation. However Clinton supporters on the other side are just as much, if not more, deluded in their blind devotion to the bloody queen of chaos.

Even though Ms. Clinton, and her philandering husband, have expressed their undying love for Wall Street time and time again, and are firmly embedded in the 1% elite, they believe she is for working people. Even though she was against marriage equality until as late as 2013, they think she supports the LGBTQ community. Even though she championed and still defends a right wing coup in Honduras which has led to the murders of scores of indigenous, environmental and LGBTQ activists, they think she supports universal human rights. Even though she pushed the US and NATO into decimating Libya, voted to decimate Iraq in a war based solely on lies and has consistently pushed for attacking Syria and Iran, they believe she will be the most level headed when it comes to foreign policy. Even though she has accepted boat loads of money from the fossil fuel industry, they believe she will defend environmental regulations and address climate change with urgency. Even though she and her husband carved up Haiti for neoliberal capitalistic profit through their notorious foundation, they believe she is for the underdog.  Even though she has accepted truck loads of money from the private prison industry, they believe she will work to end the racist policies that imprison millions of Americans for non-violent offenses. Even though she attacked whistleblower Edward Snowden for allegedly helping terrorists when he revealed  nefarious government malfeasance, they believe she will enforce transparency.   Even though she defended her husband’s economic policies which adversely effected women of color, they think she is a feminist who will champion the rights of all women.

It is cognitive dissonance on a grand scale.

As of today, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of New York and, by proxy, the Democratic nomination. Not very remarkable given that the plutocracy selected her to be the executive director of Plunder the Planet, Inc. a long time ago. And it shouldn’t be surprising that it matters little what the masses think to the corporate aristocracy.  They hate Trump because he is too erratic and, frankly, too stupid. They despise Cruz because he is a religious nut case. They fear Sanders because he may be radicalized even further toward the left. But they adore Hillary because they know she will have their back. Her allegiances are clear to anyone who really wants to see them.

One thing is for sure, Hillary’s win will be a hollow victory, and she knows this full well. She has only gotten this far by pandering to Wall Street, Hollywood A-listers, the fossil fuel industry, and a pro-Israel, right wing billionaire for years, not from common people interested in real social justice and change. But this is of little consolation, especially to the people who will undoubtedly suffer greatly under her policies of militarism and support for right wing, apartheid and repressive regimes around the world.

America is a dying, but well armed, empire.  And historically, empires drown themselves in farce, fiction and mythology as they collapse.  A Clinton presidency will ensure the illusion of American democracy will continue to sputter forward for at least a few more years. But illusions are like junk food, they will never sate the demands of reality.  And I feel nothing but sadness and dread when I think about the continuing massacres, coups, interventions and wars which are now all but assured on a planet spiraling mindlessly into ecocide.

Kenn Orphan 2016

2 thoughts on “The Illusion of American Democracy

  1. Neil Barry

    It must be a component of age because although I should feel tremendously elated and consoled by a kindred spirit and his words that could have been from my own heart and soul, I am not consoled. To know there is such a like minded individual no longer brings the satisfaction that it would have when I was young and believed things could and would change. ……. The more I read from Kenn Orphan’s brilliant perceptions and observations the greater my sadness, frustration, anger and despair are with humanity.
    From what I read online there are not that many people left especially in the USA who could even comprehend this intelligent writing let alone the deep meaning it reveals. Oh yes there are many but not against the tidal wave of ignorant and comatose.


  2. Mike

    “I have always been fascinated by the capacity of people to block out facts that either trouble them or do not align with their preconceived beliefs about the world.”

    People, for the most part, want simple narratives. Most of us either haven’t the time or inclination to burrow past the surface.

    They don’t want to have to think too hard about the world, it’s uncomfortable. That explains this whole race. People are happy to park Clinton’s discretions. In a similar way I don’t believe all the folks voting for Trump are bigoted, racist, sexist etc. The people I talk to who like Trump cite the same thing, “He’s not a politician, he’s not part of the establishment.” They think because he’s a businessman that he somehow above the game play. Also, you can’t reason with these folks, they believe what they want to… There’s YT videos showing Trump supporters agreeing with statements made by Hitler, because they think Trump said them… He’s said he can shoot someone in Time Square and get away with it… They just buy into the simple idea of making America great again.

    What can I say, people are lazy and fickle. We want easy answers.

    It’s really at the heart of this great documentary. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it. Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis – it’s on YT –

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