Remembering Olivia Arévalo

Olivia Arévalo, the Shipibo-Conibo elder, traditional healer and protector of our precious biosphere, was assassinated two days ago in her home in the Peruvian Amazon after she had endured years of harassment and death threats. It is a sad footnote for this Earth Day, but an important reminder.
All around the planet Indigenous people are subjected to persecution, pollution and ethnic cleansing. They face violent repression and assaults from mercenaries and death squads in the interests of international corporations, the mining and fossil fuel industries and authoritarian governments. They are at the forefront of the war to protect the Earth.
May Olivia rest in peace, and may her spirit surround us for the looming battles and catastrophes ahead for humanity and the planet.

Kenn Orphan 22 April, 2018

*Title art piece of Olivia is by Luis Tamani

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