Newsfeed Takeaways

Been away from social media for a bit and I have purposefully distanced myself from news in general, but here are my newsfeed takeaways for anyone interested:

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ isn’t just a terrifying fiction after all. It looks like an unfolding reality in the US where Roe v Wade will soon be a distant memory and patriarchy will assert itself once again. Will people soon be fleeing for the northern border?

Apparently white, hetero, Christian men are “feeling scared” now for some reason according to a few (mostly rich, powerful and privileged) white, hetero, Christian men. I mean seriously?

War is really permanent. No, really. It is. The industry just won’t let it die thanks to booming (no pun intended) profits for Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Bectel and Halliburton and the distraction, powerlessness and apathy of the vast public. Meanwhile Yemen is facing an imminent genocide.

Migrant children in the US empire are going to be housed in internment camps that are former military bases polluted with radioactive and carcinogenic waste.

The vastly ignored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued yet another “life or death warning” for climate change and the earth’s biosphere that will of course go vastly ignored.

Been good to be absent from all this for a while.

Carry on, be kind, fight fascism and stay human in spite of it all.


Kenn Orphan   2018  October

3 thoughts on “Newsfeed Takeaways

  1. Robert Schick, rogue composer

    Thank you Kenn for today’s Counterpoint Essay: ‘The Molestation of the Earth’…perhaps a miracle that you and i may be on the ‘same page’ and beautiful planet amidst the rampant–make that out of control–madness afoot. Too much to address in order to ascertain whether we indeed are ‘rogue voices’, so here’s the opening to a work of mine: ‘Sphere (The Most Passionate Love Triangle Never Imagined)’, what many would call an opera, i call ‘Operath’ (self explanatory?):

    i Cannot Stop Crying

    The denialism is so deeply ingrained they do not even see, let alone feel, the exiting of all the beautiful Lifeforms, for no longer do they sense any of the tragic loss, or dare to, their lives so estranged from the World that gives them their only breaths.
    As the denialism continues, unabated, without a hint of mercy whatsoever, the daily carnage and evisceration without even a hidden tear. Meanwhile, i cannot stop crying as another tree dies in silence before its time, a Monarch never again appears, another elephant becomes a trinket.
    Yet i still gaze in awe at the clouds floating by, more than ever before, until they too are no more, though i will have chosen not to witness their disappearance, for i will have chosen not to exist without them.
    i cannot stop crying (note from the deceased)
    [opening lines from Sphere)

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  2. mike k

    I’m glad you took a vacation Kenn. Burnout is a real danger for those struggling against evil. To cultivate a more relaxed life apart from the knowledge of our ongoing disaster, is a necessity for being effective, and at he same time holding onto and living the less harried life we are doing all the fighting for.

    Getting caught up in the desperate pace and grasping of the everyday world, we can easily lose the inner peace that is so important to our vision of a better human, a better world. Ideally, we want to be in the world, but not of it.

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    1. DianeL

      Mike K, this is exactly one of the main reasons why my husband and I are now holed up in the foothills of the Andes in Chile- along with global warming hitting the Northern Hemisphere the worst. We are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of rolling green hills, lakes, streams, and volcanoes and the peace and tranquility rushes over us and cleanses all the ill feelings from the days news. But, it’s extremely difficult to not think about our loved ones in the States as we watch America implode, along with many countries- especially soon for Brazil being our close neighbor. We’re holding out hope that the fascists virus doesn’t infect Chile, even though there are still supporters of Pinochet that have met with Jair Bolbonaro. So, we do our part for our own peace of mind and always stop at the end of the day to have our favorite beverages and watch the sun set here in paradise, until it no longer is. ❤️



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