Persepolis, a Threatened Cultural Site of Antiquity

Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550-330 BC) until it was invaded, looted and destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 BC. Today, the ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site, beloved not only by Iranians, but anyone who respects and appreciates history. Each year tens of thousands of tourists visit this marvelous city from the ancient world and archeologists are still unearthing treasures, while working to protect it from the ravages of climate change.

It has withstood 2500 years, so it would be a supreme and terrible irony if it were destroyed completely. But it is a place of great significance, and although the Pentagon has attempted to step back from Trump’s threats to destroy Iranian cultural sites, Trump himself has doubled down on them. Would this be targeted too?



Kenn Orphan  January 2020

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