The Human Spirit is Stronger

This meme was the last post on the wall of one of the victims of the massacre here in Nova Scotia this past weekend. She was a beloved teacher who recently said she missed her kids because of the school closures. A co-worker described her as “a shining love,” and I think this post of hers makes that quite obvious.
Two nurses are also among the dead which is especially difficult given the pressure on healthcare workers during this pandemic. One was on her way to work when she was killed. Both are being remembered for their energy, compassion and spirit.
Other victims include a woman who had beat cancer twice. Her daughter said she fought so hard for her life. She was also a salsa dancer who loved going to Cuba often. An RCMP officer and mother of two, and a family of three, including a 17 year old girl were also killed.
There are more victims and we will learn about them in the days to come as the investigation unfolds. But the timing of this horrific crime has compounded the pain. In a time of social distancing, families are unable to mourn together and hold funerals for their loved ones.
It will take a long time for all those affected to recover from the shock and process this grief, especially in these times. It will take a long time for Nova Scotians too. But we will. Because, as C.C. Scott said, “the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
Kenn Orphan  April 2020

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