The Person Who Chooses to Dance

Today, I am happy to welcome back guest writer Phil Rockstroh with a powerful piece on love and its mysteries. I am also immensely pleased to feature a lovely piece of artwork by my sister, Cheryl Orphan. A painting entitled “Social Distancing.”

I remember a vast, comforting, sublime aloneness in childhood. A sense of being embraced by an infinite, knowing order — of being held in warmth, by a power, by a loving consciousness beyond words.

No one knows where one is going…We are pulled forth on currents of mystery…that are more like songs’ sound waves than following the itinerary of a travel plan.

In childhood, in dreams, I walked with God and elephants. The world was made of music, infinite song. It was the kind of love in which there was no blame, no burden. No apologies needed to be proffered because all things were present and aglow with light and smelling of earthen loam.

Love need not be conjured — it is built into the scenery, swells from the orchestra pit, flows from the stage lights of a theatre built and scripted by Love itself.

When you gaze upon lovers you are looking into the architecture of yourself. When you know this you will give love in abundance knowing its source is inexhaustible. Notice: Life seems more bearable now.

Thus you are granted an ardour to praise what is beautiful and love what is flawed. The world is the face of the beloved, born from an exquisite music.

The person who chooses to dance to this music does so in a room of Divinity. Your life has become a great song.

Phil Rochstroh  is a poet, lyricist and philosopher bard living, now, in Munich, Germany. He may be contacted: and at

Title art piece is a painting by Cheryl Orphan entitled “Social Distancing,” acrylic on canvas, 2020

1 thought on “The Person Who Chooses to Dance

  1. Mankh

    Lovely text and art. The following link is to an image that shows some ‘geography’ and a bit of the origin-story of Turtle Island aka North America



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