“Green Capitalism” is Still Capitalism

I see many climate activists taking on the G7 in the UK. For those who may not know, the G7 is a meeting of wealthy nations who like to celebrate their collective pillage and plunder of the world, via a long legacy of colonial imperialism, with meaningless photo ops. Kudos to those activists for their creative demonstrations in calling out the hypocrisy of the global ruling elite.

But there was a time, not too long ago in fact, when the “environmental movement” was primarily determined to protect and preserve what is left of the supposed “wilds” of the world.

Now, that objective has been subsumed and, most often, erased by corporate, “green capitalism” whose objective is only to continue the Western “way of life,” albeit now through “renewable energy” and other schemes. Perpetuation of the very “way of life” which has led us to the precipice of ecological disaster in the first place.

Most of this is predicated on viewing the earth merely as a resource to be used for human consumption. It is still capitalism, which views everything, living and non, as capital.

I long for the days when people would see a river, or a field, or a mountain, or the sea, and not see an opportunity to exploit it, even in a so-called “green” way.

Kenn Orphan June 2021

*Illustration by Joan Wong.

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