Dear Reader

As we draw closer to the new year, I’ve been reflecting more and more about the stories we humans tell ourselves and each other.  But there seems to be a greater urgency now. Perhaps it is due to me getting older and coming to understand time as fleeting. But I think there is more.

I believe we are living in an Age of Convergence. Catastrophic climate change, the pandemic, ecological devastation, the ruthless predations of late capitalism and increasing belligerence between world powers competing for the last resources on earth have pushed us to the brink of ecological devastation, societal collapse and war. Billionaires, not satisfied with their over-stuffed coffers, are now salivating for the conquest of space. And a war, whether it be cold or hot, seems to be brewing between the United States, China and the Russian Federation. No one really knows how all of this will play out or how fast, but there are signs we should all be paying attention to.

Given this, I believe it is imperative, now more than ever before, to retell the story of who we are. To wrest the narrative from the clutches of the misanthropes, the corporations, the war mongers, the avaricious, and the apathetic. Feeling powerless in this time of ruthless despotism, corruption and violence, where the very edifice of democracy appears to be crumbling, is understandable. But despite the tricks played on us by political parties, corporate entities and social media giants, we still have our voice.

This is what I strive to use this site for. I try to tell a different story. To use my voice to amplify the marginalized or disappeared. And I aim to connect even deeper with what it means to be human. To be just one species in a chorus of countless others. To be in possession of a spirit that transcends this world, yet is intimately wedded to it. I want to look even more to the Global South. To Indigenous ways of thinking and being. I am hoping to expand this even further in the coming year, with more essays, stories, poems, songs, art and conversations with others who believe another world is worth fighting for, and that we can do it together.

I made a commitment years ago to make most of my writing accessible to all. Everything here is free. But of course, this does not mean it is free for me.

If you are able, please consider a small donation to this site. I understand so many of us are struggling. As with previous fundraisers, this one does not place any requirements upon the reader. Whether one is able to help out financially or not, all articles will remain free, and no government or corporate entity will have sway over any of the content or what is written.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this. May you experience abundance and great joy this coming year. And I look forward to you coming back here.

Kenn Orphan, November 2021


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*Title photo is of Maasai storytelling and is by Joan de la Malla.

2 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. Grant

    Ken, I always read your work on Counterpunch as it appears. Thank you for your great work! Please don’t, however, repeat the incorrect characterization of the Pinochet regime having thrown prisioners from airplanes. Stadiun killings were their forte(sic). The Argentine military dictaterships , 1976-1984, are identified with that practice of death flights over Rio de la Plata. An historical fact. I have read other left commentarists say the same thing you said about Pinochet. Things get repeated……. Thank you again for your work.

    Liked by 1 person


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