Western Militarism is Not the Answer for Ukraine

For anyone who may be tempted to support one, the solution to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not US or NATO military intervention.

The US military and NATO (along with their associated nefarious agencies) have a long list of war crimes, most of which they have never had to answer for in any way that matters. Lest we forget the carpet bombing of South Asia? Agent Orange? Supporting and training death squads in Central America? Toppling democratically elected governments in Iran and Chile. Assassinations of political rivals like Lumumba? The use of depleted uranium and white phosphorus in Iraq? Torture in prisons like Abu Ghraib? Or the recent “mistake” of a drone strike in Kabul which killed many members of one family, including children?

The war hawks are salivating for more war, but escalation into more militarism will not solve any of this, it will only add to the misery. And it could, quite possibly, lead humanity toward its quietus. No to war anywhere.

Kenn Orphan, February 2022

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