Over the years Kenn Orphan has written several short stories in the scifi-fantasy genre that reflect his vision and philosophy. This page is dedicated to a series based on those works that he is currently working on. It will eventually inhabit its own separate web site (blog).

Here is an excerpt:

Anthias was the jewel. A place of rebirth. A sanctuary far away from the madness where humans lived in harmony with nature. And it was the great and secret aspiration of many who sought refuge from the wars, the state repression, the blighted land and the rising seas. But was it a myth? And if not, where was it located? When Crin was a child she had heard it was high in the mountains. But there was no certainty.

Still, there were signs. Messages from an unknown entity who contacted her while she was half asleep in the early hours of the morning. She thought it might be a dream at first, then a hallucination. She feared she was losing her mind. But then a package was left on her window sill one morning. It contained some sort of talisman and a book with several maps, drawings and strange markings in them. One of those markings was the symbol for Anthias.