Bogeymen and the Enemies We Dare Not Call Out

The celebrated American actor Morgan Freeman’s recent “We Are At War With Russia” stint is one of the most bizarre examples of recent propaganda since Joe McCarthy tore through Hollywood. Funded in part by director Rob Reiner of TVland “meathead” notoriety and Max Boot, the neocon who advised war criminal John McCain and who currently advises … More Bogeymen and the Enemies We Dare Not Call Out

The Real World

                 “You must love nature,” she said as she passed; a stranger noticing me picking up the careless refuse dropped by another who apparently doesn’t.  Her comment strikes me as a somewhat absurd but common sentiment, and it stays with me throughout my hike. Industrial society seems to … More The Real World

Beware the Witch Hunter

“I am against justice … whenever it is carried out by a mob.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana Most of us have seen this happen.   The old smear train tears through social media with nary a warning. Its rallying cries are generally unoriginal.  It is a simple recipe of character assassination, hearsay, bigotry, exaggeration, dehumanization, pettiness, … More Beware the Witch Hunter

Jellyfish Chips and Making Biosphere Collapse Trendy

In a recent puff piece by National Public Radio (USA), Danish journalist Sidsel Overgaard gushed over an upcoming trend for exuberant foodies: “jellyfish chips.”  Overgaard extolled them as an answer to falling fish stocks and the concomitant explosion of jellyfish blooms around the planet thanks to global warming.  Puerile?  Perhaps.  But the normalization of climate change and … More Jellyfish Chips and Making Biosphere Collapse Trendy