I am a writer, artist, sociologist, human rights advocate, environmental activist and medical social worker in hospice care.  The intent of my blog is to bear witness to the dire events unfolding around us without the pretense of false hope, and to share insight that encourages reflection, empathy and social change.  I write about social and systemic injustice, and the existential threats of consumer capitalism, nationalistic militarism, and the unfolding ecological collapse; and promote a model that fosters compassion for and solidarity with the suffering of humanity and the other species with whom we share this planet.



All content is protected under current copyright laws and is written by Kenn Orphan unless stated otherwise.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Ken,

    I’ve come to enjoy your offerings/blog–and have commented I believe once or twice. A question: Do you accept “posts” to share on your blog…by way of a “comment”? For instance, I have, like you, written quite a bit on topics consistent with your concerns. Most recently a short review-with-considerations of E.O.Wilson’s newest book, Half- Earth. (I am an artist, writer and Prof Emeritus,University of Denver. Also founder of a 350.org chapter in Central Colorado; My writings/posts/comments are independent of that, however.)

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  2. Thank you for your insightful essay. It is full of inescapable truths that our society chooses to willfully deny. I will be reading your work with interest in the future and sharing it too.

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