Where Were They?

I get the anger, the rage. I really do. Trump is vile and the aggressive racist and misogynistic culture he emboldens must be vehemently opposed. Pence may be even worse with his religious right nuttery. But I am forced to wonder if most of these Trump protestors would have stood with me when I protested with Occupy Wall Street? Or when people in passing cars hurled threats and middle fingers at me when I protested Israel’s murderous onslaught of Gaza supported by the US? Or when I marched for transgender equality amidst rising violence in America against that community?

I cannot help but wonder where many (if not most) of these people were when when the sitting President boasted about being “really good at killing people” or having a “Tuesday Kill List” or deporting more undocumented people or prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other US president? Or when his Secretary of State (the vanquished Hillary Clinton) pushed to decimate Libya and ghoulishly celebrated its leader being sodomized with a knife in the street by a mob? Or when Chelsea Manning was being mercilessly persecuted for exposing war crimes by the same administration? Where were most of them when the US backed the rightwing coup in Honduras or the CIA backed coup in Ukraine? Were these things simply not unjust enough because they happened under Democratic administrations?
trump-protests-in-chicago-photo-source-nbc-newsAre these same angry people uniting with Standing Rock Sioux? or Black Lives Matter? Certainly some are. But do the vast majority of them really want a representative democracy and the end of corporatocracy? Or do most merely hope for maintaining a miserable status quo and a facsimile of democracy designed and manufactured by the ruling duopoly and mainstream media?

Don’t get me wrong. I am glad to see that people are awakening to activism.  And I stand firmly against the brownshirt intimidation and violence emboldened by this frightful new day. But the weak as dishwater American Liberal class needs to take a good, hard look at themselves and their complacency at and complicity in the monstrous crimes of the ruling duopoly.  And they need to do it quickly instead of pontificating on how stupid everyone else is for not standing behind their awful selection for leadership.  The current protests only communicate a clear message to the reactionary right that the Liberal class only cares about electing a big “D” into office.

When this becomes a protest against militaristic aggression, capitalist plunder, apartheid, systemic racism, suppression of indigenous rights, ecological devastation and Empire itself, and not merely about the outrage of having a dimwitted narcissistic proto-fascist in the Oval Office instead of a war mongering corporatist I will join them with gusto.

Let me know when that happens.
Kenn Orphan 2016

3 thoughts on “Where Were They?

  1. Kenn Orphan Post author

    Let me make it clear. I am appalled by the white supremacy and misogyny that has been emboldened now. And I am thrilled people are reawakening to activism. But if this is only about Trump and not about the systems of rot that are destroying the biosphere, slaughtering innocent civilians and bombing hospitals, and perpetuating a life of economic misery for hundreds of millions of people it is all meaningless. And it will only be dismissed by the masses of people who have suffered (and continue to suffer) under neoliberal economic policies and neoconservative foreign policies all championed and pushed by Democratic as well as Republican administrations. They are tired of an establishment status quo that has failed them over and over again.

    Are they racist? Many are. Are they misogynist? Some most definitely. Are they misguided? Of course, if they can be persuaded to support a snake oil huckster like Trump. But economic hard times lend to ugly specters like racism and xenophobia. The ridicule, smug self righteousness and lack of self awareness from the Liberal elite and DNC insiders is what is anathema to them. The vast majority of them are not idiots or “deplorables” but people who suffered under policies endorsed and championed by the “new Democrats,” like NAFTA, welfare reform and draconian crime bills and were abandoned by the Liberal establishment when they cozied up to corporations, Wall Street and war profiteers.


  2. mike k

    I agree. These sore loser democrats send a message revealing that they refuse to learn anything from their defeat about themselves and their wacko idea to elect this crazy, greedy, warmonger named Hillary Clinton. I guess it’s foolish to expect anything different from these deeply deluded fellow citizens of Amerika.

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