Trump’s War on Iran is not Against its Government, it is Against the Iranian People Themselves

Earlier today President Trump threatened via tweet to destroy Iran’s cultural sites. Let that sink in for a minute. A sitting president of the US has threatened to erase the cultural heritage of an entire people. This was the tactic of ISIS who blew up centuries old shrines, mosques, churches and Roman era ruins and the Taliban which demolished ancient towering statues of the Buddha. It is also a war crime under international law.

Iranian society reaches back 5000 years. Its art, culture and architecture have influenced countless societies and remain a treasure for all humanity. That a president would make such a threat should be chilling for anyone with a conscience. Trump’s war on Iran is not against its government, it is against the Iranian people themselves.

Kenn Orphan   January 2020

Pictured is the beautiful Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran. There are more sites listed in the attached website below:

1 thought on “Trump’s War on Iran is not Against its Government, it is Against the Iranian People Themselves

  1. Lena Maryam

    I got married close to the Imam Reza mosque in Meshed in 79 during the revolution. I’m British non Muslim but was welcomed with such warmth into this holiest of places providing a wore a black chador which I did. I can’t tell you how hospitable Iranians are. What the USA government is threatening is insane and if this shrine is destroyed the whole of the muslim world will unite against the west and there will be the bloodiest of holy wars ever. I know the mood in Iran from family and the thirst for revenge against the orange man knows no bounds.



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