As a tetrachromat, Kenn Orphan’s art focuses on the power of colour and symbolism in relation to natural landscapes, dreamscapes and ancient spiritual texts.

Many of Orphan’s works, such as “Testament”, reflect a celebration of the symbolism and calligraphy of spiritual writings found in Islamic Arabesque and Sanskrit.  His landscapes explore the evocative role of colour in relation to form and substance.  And he has spent considerable time painting the world of dreams and their marriage to the natural world as represented by works like “flight of Ideas” and “Wander.” Orphan has also done several self portraits usually using mixed media.

Orphan has exhibited his art and photography in several shows such and has works on display across North America and Europe.


Just Before Dawn

Fire_FieldsFire Fields

French VillageFrench Village

554915_364379820266763_1284754661_nUneven Reflections

162792_167598046611609_8375205_nThe Trail

Marketplace at Noon

Garden at 33rd and 4th


Stormy Night Off Tancook IslandStormy Night Off Tancook Island



Winter TreesWinter Trees

Rue_de_Petit_ChamplainPetit Rue

Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms

Red_HouseRed House





Window to HopeWindow to Hope

541457_641349992569743_1173484800_nOpen Meadow, Open Skies



Flight_of_IdeasFlight of Ideas

Grief and Gratitude
Mahone_BayMahone Bay


At SevenAt Seven (self-portrait)


Summer in Brittany

Picture_039Picture 039

Ocean ViewOcean View

Cathedral at NightCathedral at Night

31202_119208254783922_2332227_nCity of Light


Sanseriah new 1Sanseriah


2 thoughts on “Art

  1. Dave Kemp

    I enjoyed viewing your art. Are you familiar with Walter i. Anderson’s artwork? He painted the sea / landscapes of my youth on the Mississippi Gulf Coast / islands. I don’t know much about modern art but your styles seem somewhat similar. Thanx for your work. There is a dark starkness to your writing and art that I feel deep within. Maybe the attraction for me is the contrast of shadow and color you and Anderson have evolved. Whatever, I am struck.

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